Our Pets

Our Pets

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Help with Veterinary Bills

From Lessons from a paralyzed dog, here is an article that I found worth sharing with PETworld readers

Discover organizations that offer financial aid when pet owners can’t afford paying veterinary bills > List of organizations that help nationwide, including:

  • List for pet owners
  • List for rescue groups
  • Aid resources for pet owners in Canada

To access these lists, CLICK HERE

Dog Toys

Keep your dog happy with a great selection of toys that include those with logos from your favorite NFL/MLB teams; also tough toys that will last. Preview our toys HERE

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pets on Airplanes – Video Series

Tips and tricks on how to travel with your pet on an airplane (click on link): Pets on Airplanes – Video Series

Never lose your pet!

Track what matters most to you find, protect, monitor and record your pet with Pod 3, the modular GPS tracker + activity monitor

As effective indoors as outdoors

Attach it to anything — Pod’s versatile and easy-to-use strapping mechanism allows you to securely put your Pod on anything you want to track (for example, a yacht or sports equipment)

Shipping to 175 countries worldwide

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